Gregory Ranch Chardonnay Rows

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# Art Nr. Article number Producer Name Grape Type Vintage Price
1 DLB-GRCH-2021 De La Boue Gregory Ranch Chardonnay White 2021 449
2 DLB-GRPN-2021 De La Boue Gregory Ranch Pinot Noir Red 2021 449
3 DLB-THPN-2021 De La Boue Temperance Hill Pinot Noir Red 2021 549
4 DLB-TPSY-2021 De La Boue The Pines Syrah Red 2021 399
5 DLB-VGPN-2021 De La Boue Vista Grande Pinot Noir Red 2021 449
6 DLB-WVPN-2022 De La Boue Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Red 2022 299
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